Our club has several mailing lists with which we can keep you informed of what’s going on in the club.


This our general annoucements mailing list. It is extremely low volume, only one or two emails per week. This list is appropriate for anyone in the area who would like to be kept up to date on what the club is doing.


This list is more of a discussion list regarding all the various dancing opportunities that are happening in the area. This list assists in finding rides to events and organizing people for attending social events. Join this list if you don’t mind receiving a bit more email and you want the very latest information about club happenings.

Subscription Information

To subscribe to a Cornell mailing list, send an email to lyris@cornell.edu with the command:

subscribe LISTNAME-L firstname lastname
in the body of the message. Where LISTNAME-L is the name of the list (for example: BALLROOM-L).

To unsubscribe from a Cornell mailing list, send an email to lyris@cornell.edu with the command:
unsubscribe LISTNAME-L
in the body of the message. Note: Be sure that you send this email from the address at which you are subscribed!

For more information about mailing lists, please visit Cornell’s mailing list page.

If you have any questions about the ballroom mailing lists, please contact the club’s mailing list manager, at listmeister@cornellballroom.org. Note that emails regarding list removal will be deleted if you have not yet tried to remove yourself using either of the methods above.