Bizarre Facts

Bizarre Facts About Casinos

While casinos are still an infamous part of our society, its industry manages to provide one of the best kind of entertaintment and thrill to all. Many of us might not know most of the things about casinos, whether we are playing or not playing. It is difficult to understand why casinos make people risk their money when they should be investing it in something better. The same goes for stock market, but no one likes to question that. Anyways, here are some facts about casinos that you probably never new before.

Casinos originated in Italy

The casinos of Macao and Las Vegas are what brings life to the world of gambling excitement. But the real history of casinos goes back to the 17th century in the streets of Venice when people used to gamble on small games for winning a little extra money. The name Casinos is derived from the root word ‘Casa’ which means house.

The biggest slot win

39.7 million, is the biggest slot machine win till date. It was a LA software engineer who got lucky that night in 2003 by wagering only a sum of $100 on Megabucks at the Excalibur Casino. The Casino stood true to its word and rewared the engineer with a complete amount. Las Vegas has over 200,000 slot machine and provides enough opportunities for players to break this record anytime, but we are still waiting.

The biggest online slot win

Not as big as the Megabucks win, but definetly the biggest over online slot machine was of 17,861,800 Euros. It was won by a player in Finland in 2013 while playing Mega Fortune. He was paid out in Euros. The runner up to this list of lucky winners stand at 13.2 million Euros.


Poker is a professional game

While many think that poker is a game which is only played for gambling, there are a few who have made their careers out of it. There are many sportsperson and other professional people who have chosen poker as their retirement career or keep making money. This list include football players, as well as writers, broadcasters, filmmakers, singers, etc. Poker is also a primary career for many people who have started with nothing and have become multimillionares.

The longest poker game lasted for over eight years

Poker is a game of skill and patience. It cannot be won with just luck in your hands and require a lot more than that. Today there are many professional tournaments which go on for hours, days, and even months. But the real giant tournament in poker lasted for more than eight years and was surely a big marathon. There were breaks during the game for sure, but it is said that the games were played for 24 hours straight before any breaks or sleep. This tournament was conducted in the basement of a theatre in Arizona, in 1881.